Please adhere to the following:

1. All unrecyclable trash must be put into plastic garbage bags and securely fastened at the top before disposal into the trash containers in the designated trash room (the room to the left if exiting off of elevator on the first floor). Cat litter must be enclosed in containers that will not tear or emit odor. Unrecyclable Trash is set outside on Thursday for pick up every Friday.

2. If you should have large items for removal such as furniture, appliances, carpeting,etc., please call the City of Wilmington trash department for a special pick up by calling the City of Wilmington at (302)576-3878 or employ another service, for removal. Large items will not be taken as part of normal garbage pickup.

3. Recycling of newspapers, cans, glass and plastic is strongly encouraged. The building has recycling containers which are located on the 1st floor (to the right if exiting off of the elevator). Cans, plastic and glass should be rinsed before placing them in the containers to avoid odors and insects. Do not put any plastic bags or any form of styrofoam in the recycling containers. All, boxes must be broken down; this includes small boxes as well. Large broken down boxes may be placed next to the recycling containers for removal. Please adhere to the list of items posted in the recycle room as to what is, and is not re-cycleable. No food shall be disposed of in the recycle room. Recycling is placed outside on Monday for pick up every Tuesday.

4. Large items for discard must not be placed outside the garbage or recycle room doors or in any common area, including the stairwells, unless a special pick up has been scheduled and items are placed in the designated pick-up area.

5. Trash room and recycling room doors should be kept closed. The lights shall be turned off when exiting the trash and recycling rooms. Please be mindful of neighbors next to the trash and recyclable rooms by closing doors quietly.

What Can Be Recycled:
Magazines and catalogs
Newspapers (including all inserts)
Junk mail and envelopes
Clean paper products (such as typing, fax, copy, letterhead, file folders, cardstock, etc.)
Shredded paper (gather and place inside a paper bag)
Brown paper bags
Non-metallic wrapping paper
Paperboard boxes (such as cracker and cereal boxes without liners)
Corrugated cardboard
Books (including paperbacks, hardbacks and telephone books)
Paper or plastic milk and juice cartons
Tetra Packs-such as soy/rice milk cartons and juice boxes (not juice pouches)
Plastic bags marked with recycling code #2 or #4, such as grocery or dry-cleaning bags (gather and place inside a single bag)
Empty plastic containers, including narrow-neck bottles (such as water or soda bottles) and wide-mouth containers such as peanut butter, margarine tubs, yogurt, mayonnaise, prescription bottles, etc. (lids do not need to be removed; containers should be empty)
Glass food and beverage containers such as jars and bottles
Tin and steel food and beverage containers, such as pet food and vegetable cans
Aluminum food and beverage containers
Aluminum foil and aluminum pie pans
Empty aerosol cans

What Cannot Be Recycled:
Plastic Bags
Plastic Shipping Material (packing bubbles)
Low grade paper, such as tissues and napkins/paper towels
Soiled paper products (such as used paper plates or greasy pizza boxes)
Waxed paper or boxes (run a fingernail across the surface; if wax comes off, the package is not recyclable. Glossy packaging is recyclable.)
Metallic wrapping paper
Potato chip/snack food bags
Candy and food wrappers
Juice pouches
Microwaveable disposable meal trays (including most “take-out” and “salad bar” containers)
Thin, brittle plastics like “clamshell” packaging (such as from salad bars) and molded plastic retail packaging
Anything made of Styrofoamâ„¢
Rubber or vinyl products (such as hoses, tires, shower curtains, PVC, etc.)
Drinking glasses, ceramic plates, Pottery, Glass Ball Jars
Mirrors, window glass
Hazardous material containers (such as for pesticides, motor oil or antifreeze)
Any container that is not empty!